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Introduction to astronomical spectroscopy (italian only)
Spectroscopic observations (italian only)

Astronomical photometry (italian only)


ANS Photometry manual (italian only)
Filters transmittance (italian only)


Data reduction of single-dispersion spectra

Download the Monography
This monograph is the pdf file of a succesfull cook-book printed in 2000 that takes you through all steps of the data reduction performed in IRAF of standard (single dispersion) fits spectra.
The cook-book is Linux-oriented, and works similarly well under any flavour of the Unix operative system.

Download the Exercise part 1
Download the Exercise part 2
This is the content of the CD-ROM that was originally distributed with the monographs as material for practical exercises. It contains a whole observing night with the ESO 1.5m telescope in La Silla, including all calibration and standard star original files.
In a separate directory, the final and fully-calibrated spectra are provided as a term of comparison to evaluate the outcome of the data reduction exercises.